About Us

Company Philosophy

Total Technology Solutions (TTS) is a local technology company that provides fast technical support and cutting edge services to make your office run quicker and more reliably at all times.

We offer our unique services with the goal of increasing your office performance which increases your profit, through fast service with a professional and friendly staff!

We cater to discriminating Northeast Georgia businesses who understand that technology is not just an expense, but an investment to increase efficiency, productivity, and most importantly- profitability.

Therefore, our company philosophy is to provide the fastest and best service by using cutting edge technology and proactive maintenance with our state-of-the-art Networks Operations Center (NOC), and a local Athens firm to give a quick 24/7 response to all your office problems.

From many years of experience, we know what works and what does not. We only sell and support proven cutting edge technology so that your office runs faster and more efficiently. We also employ proactive maintenance through our Network Operation Center (NOC) system, which monitors your network 24/7 to solve problems as soon as they happen or before they even arise.

We are proud to offer a fast response from a local office with technicians available 24/7. Even better, we make every effort to work transparently in the background without disrupting your workflow by conducting remote sessions from our office, minimizing drive time, discussing issues over the phone, and prepping equipment at our Athens office.

Additionally, TTS offers complete office security, backup, and recovery. We pride ourselves in being able to protect our customers no matter what. If disaster strikes, TTS is the only company who can get your office up and running quickly.

We are not trying to provide the least expensive solution because in the end, the least expensive solution is not a solution at all. We instead look to provide the best solution using the best technology in the business.

We bill honestly for our services from parts, to labor and time spent on a service ticket. We review every service request personally to help ensure quality of service, and we also offer custom service plans to ensure you never get overcharged.

Leave the technology to us; we can make you more profitable, with fewer headaches.

TTS: Fast and Good at the Speed of Right!