Peace of Mind with a Safe and Secure Office

Keep your office PROTECTED

Malicious attacks from viruses, malware, hackers and other sophisticated security threats can cause serious damage to your office- from a few hours downtime to the total loss of secure information. If you want to keep your office running fast and efficiently, securing your office is vital.

 We believe that you should spend your time serving your customers and making money- not constantly worrying about asset loss.

To keep your business safe from malicious attacks, we offer:

  • Malware, Spyware, and Virus Protection: prevent invasive software from infiltrating your business. From spyware that steals your information to viruses that render your network unusable, we can detect and remove threats and provide you with antivirus software to combat dangerous agents.
  • Firewall and Email Protection: prevent online attacks with a strong first line of defense. Prevent hackers and spam from slowing down your business by blocking unwanted incoming network traffic before they have a chance to attack.
  • Computer System Protection: keep your business’ username and password information safe at all times; a secure computer system is the easiest way to combat invaders.
  • Total Network Security: secure your vital business documents, customer information, internet data and more with our comprehensive office security which protects your servers and business data through a variety of methods.
  • Safe Backups: in the case of security breach or other disaster, rest assured that all your business data and information is backed up and protected by TTS.
  • Ransomware Safety:  prevent being locked out of your devices, corruption of your backups, and the permanent loss of patient information. When your office is under attack, trust a company who knows their way around ransomware.

Sleep soundly with the continuous security and safety assurance your office needs!