Switch to TTS

It’s easy to switch to better service!

Why keep your poor, unresponsive, or expensive network support when one call to TTS will give you the service you need?

Don’t keep paying for your IT Company to come out and fix the same problems over and over, and don’t get overwhelmed by too many service invoices every month. If you’re being overcharged without seeing permanent results, you need to switch.

Don’t let old technology open your practice to loss and inefficiency. If your IT Company can’t give you the best protection and productivity for your practice by using the most up-to-date technology, you need to switch.

Don’t let the fear of office interruptions and expensive fees keep you from switching. We take care of all arrangements on your behalf at no extra cost. TTS will make the transition fast, with NO interruptions to your work day. Just give us the night or a weekend to make the switch!

Best of all, a trained and experienced team will work with you to make the switch easy and stress-free at no extra cost, no matter your network or software type!

If your business is based in northeast Georgia, and you’re ready to switch technology companies, give TTS a call.

Contact us at (706) 227-2382 or email Owner Phillip Cofer at phillip.cofer@ttsathens.com to find out how fast and easy it is to make the switch!