Total Flexbility with our Customizable Service Plans


In response to increasing needs of our clients for more full-service coverage of their expanding technology, we have developed a customizable service model. We have proven that proactively managing your network always costs less than reacting to problems after they occur.

The following three programs are our most popular.  However, Total Technology Solutions (TTS) wants to satisfy the needs and budget of your company; therefore we can customize a plan just for you.

We offer the following service plans:

Total Managed Care is designed to give you relief in the knowledge that trained professionals are remotely monitoring your network 24x7x365. This continuous vigilance allows us to identify and prevent most arising issues before they affect the operations of your business. Many of the routine maintenance tasks are performed during nights and weekends by our Network Operations Center, such as anti-virus scans, spyware removal scans, disk cleanup, and more. This program also includes anti-virus software and anti-spyware for the desktops and servers. To speed response time and minimize tech labor charges, we also include remote connection software; most of the time, we can connect to your server and/or workstation from our office to resolve your problems without interrupting your workflow. This all-inclusive program gives our clients the confidence that they are cutting out unnecessary down time and repair fees, and improving the overall revenue-generating capacity of their business.

For one monthly fee you will be provided not just with 24 hour remote monitoring, but also a host of other services including unlimited labor for support and after-hours, holiday, and weekend emergency on-site response within four hours. With this plan, we handle everything IT for you for one flat monthly charge- quickly and efficiently!

Remote Care & Monitoring is an option without the unlimited labor component. This option gets a reduced labor rate and quicker response time over the Break-Fix program. As problems arise, a billable service ticket is created for the repair. Since we are monitoring your network, we get to understand your network, which leads to quicker repair times. This program also includes the cost of anti-virus software.

Break-Fix is a basic program where you call us when something doesn’t work; this option does not include network monitoring or network security protection. On-site response and repair time may be longer than with our other two plans listed above because our Total Managed Care and Remote Care & Monitoring customers take priority in scheduling.