Office Preservation with Backup and Business Continuity Plans

Get FAST and EASY recovery for lost, deleted, or damaged business data

Maintaining data backups can be a challenge, and many offices don’t have a guaranteed backup and disaster procedure. If you forget to swap your tapes, if you aren’t testing your backups, if your server dies, or if you don’t have any offsite storage- your business is not safe. But backups are only ONE step in the process of protecting your office!

80% of business who get hit with a natural disaster, are attacked by hackers, or who experience total loss of data cannot recover and shut down within 18 months. Having a Business Continuity (BC) Plan in place gives your office a set of steps and backup procedures to ensure that you can quickly and easily recover. Having a BC Plan protects you from lost productivity, lost profits, and pricy recovery costs.

Plus, you can ensure your customers that you are here to stay and serve no matter the disaster- unlike your competitors.

To keep your business safe and always running, we offer:

  • Easy Nightly Backups: TTS configures and maintains all backup services, so you won’t have to worry about your backups ever again. All of your office data gets an automatic Nightly Backup to our BDR Vault Server.
  • Server Duplication: TTS makes a complete copy of your entire server for disaster recovery. With server virtualization, our BDR Vault Server can even function as a standby server within a couple of hours of your server failing.
  • Fast Disaster Recovery: In the event of a major disaster, we can quickly ship you a new BDR server that has a complete copy of your old server.
  • Server Restore to New Hardware: If your server dies, we quickly restore a copy of your old server to a new server of almost any make and model.
  • Optional Remote Offsite Data Storage: insures disaster recovery and government regulation compliance. Extra space available if needed at a very affordable rate.

All office backups are monitored and managed by our professional NOC team 24x7x365 to ensure proper backups and data integrity.