Printer and Toner Program

Only TTS offers complete printer network service all in one place for the lowest prices around.

Printers are a vital component of any office, which is why corporate giants like Office Depot are able to charge exorbitant prices for both printer maintenance and toner. But maintaining printer health and toner stock doesn’t have to be a costly drain on your office’s resources.

TTS offers the best deals for printer network management. From selling you the most cost-effective printers and toner, to offering the most complete printer monitoring and toner upkeep, we give your office the best support at the lowest price, all in one place.

To provide the most comprehensive printer and toner support, TTS will:

  • Supply you with refurbished printers and toner to keep costs low
  • Stock backup printers and toner at our own office in case of emergency
  • Monitor toner levels 24/7 on all printers, across multiple locations
  • Monitor mechanical status 24/7 on all printers, across multiple locations
  • Repair or replace printers as soon as an issue is detected
  • Stock, replenish, and rotate toner inventory as needed
  • Offer 24/7 technician availability to assist with any printer or toner issues

To get the best deals for the printer and toner at your office, call Owner Phillip Cofer today at (706) 227-2382!