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Patsy Allen

Phillip and his team have been helping us from the beginning and we could not be happier with their level of expertise and service. We have grown very rapidly over the years and TTS has been instrumental in our growth, constantly expanding our network to help us support our patients as our business developed. They seem to be able to respond instantly at times to our support requests, which we love. We even recently adjusted our office hours to open at 7, and have been able to call TTS at 6 am for help. Their flexibility and constant support is a huge help for us because we are always ready to see patients at 7 am when we open. Recently we had a routine Allscripts HER update go badly and TTS actually sent their whole team to our office to work through the problem and get us back up and seeing patients very quickly. Thanks TTS for your fast response and being there when we need you, no matter the time of day!”