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Big Project? No Problem. TTS Replaces Server for Thomas Eye Center

The server is the lifeblood of any business operation. Your server contains your patient health records, your backups, and all the software and data you need to operate businesses as usual. But as Thomas Eye Center discovered, servers have lifespans. After years of use from a busy office, their server needed replacing.

Unfortunately, replacing a server is no easy task; given its critical nature, IT companies must take the time to ensure complete accuracy when copying over data from the old server to the new. Moreover, IT companies must be sure not to dismantle the complex web of networks, software, and data that every company relies on for efficient workflow.

The process takes time and expert knowledge of the technology. But Thomas Eye Center could not afford to lose any down time to days of IT maintenance; they had patients who were counting on them. So TTS came up with a plan.

For two weeks leading up to the server replacement, the TTS team worked daily on the project to thoroughly plan and set the foundation for a seamless transition. TTS even specifically dedicated Lead Technician Adam Darby  to personally coordinate with necessary 3rd party vendors and direct the replacement.

When Dr. Thomas went on vacation, TTS was able to fully replace the Thomas Eye Center server. By the time Dr. Thomas returned from his vacation, he and his staff were able to seamlessly resume work on day one as if nothing had changed. The staff, including Practice Manager Ellen Goad, were impressed by the ease and speed of transition:

“Thank you! Great service and experience as always; no surprise there! I know there was MAJOR work behind the scenes anticipating this replacement, but you made it all look and feel easy. This has been great. Tip of the hat to the team at TTS!”

The happy ending to this story is due in large part to the huge team effort the TTS put into making the project a success. From weeks of preparation to allowing for a full day of testing, TTS was fully dedicated to ensuring a fast and complete transition without any downtime or heartache.