Free Network Assessment from TTS

Find out where YOUR network stands!

So your office network might be running fine, but is it really up to par? Could it be faster or more efficient? Could it be more reliable or safer?

There’s only one way to judge your network- a Network Assessment.

Let TTS give you a second opinion on your network at no charge and with no obligation.

Through a quick, easy, thorough examination of your network, TTS can show you the overall performance of your network and let you know what needs work and what is being done right.

In exchange for just a few hours, you get a free report about your network performance, which we encourage you to use as you see fit. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If your business is based in northeast Georgia, including Athens, Commerce, Monroe, Madison, Watkinsville, Royston, Winder, Greensboro, Snellville, and Loganville, and you’re ready to switch technology companies, please consider TTS.

 Call Owner Phillip Cofer at (706) 227-2382 to learn about your network performance today!